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29 August
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29th August 2010

Sunday 29 August 2010


Opposition to next month s Papal Visit to Scotland seems to be dramatically
smaller than predicted, according to a new poll out today. The survey
suggests that a few as 2% of Scots say they re strongly opposed to the
visit with over fifteen times as many people saying they re in favour of it.

The survey, carried out by Opinion Research Business   and surveying over
1000 adults across Scotland, finds that only 2% of Scots say they strongly
object to the visit whilst another 3% say they object .

Commenting on the findings, Cardinal Keith Patrick O Brien said;
I am greatly heartened by the results of this poll as it again confirms
that the vast majority of Scots are warm hearted and welcoming of all
people. Next month s Papal Visit is going to be a truly historic occasion
for our country and one which I hope all Scots will share in and enjoy.

The visit of Benedict XVI will be the first ever state visit by a Pope to
the UK. It begins on 16 September, the Feast Day of St Ninian, when the Holy
Father will arrive in Edinburgh where he will be welcomed by the Queen at
the Palace of Holyroodhouse before going on to greet crowds in the
Popemobile along Princes Street. Later in the afternoon, he will travel onto
Glasgow where he will offer Mass before a crowd of 100,000 at Bellahouston
Park. There the Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle will fulfil her
lifetime ambition of performing for the Holy Father.   It s estimated that
the worldwide television audience for the Papal Visit to Scotland could top
one billion.  

Today s poll also shows that 70% of Scots consider themselves Christian, up
on the last census of 2001, and that nearly half of all Scots said they go
to church at least once a month.

It also emerged today the London-based secularist campaign group Protest
the Pope have ditched plans to hold protests against the Pope in Scotland.
Instead the group will now hold only one march in London. Commenting on
these developments, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland Peter
Kearney said;

It s now clear to everybody that this tiny minority of secularists speak
for nobody but themselves. Most Scots will be delighted to hear that they ve
given up their attempt to spoil what promises to be a very exciting day for
all Scots.

Peter Kearney  
Catholic Media Office
5 St. Vincent Place
G1 2DH  
0141 221 1168
07968 122291

Notes for Editors;
1.         The poll was carried out by Opinion Research Business and interviewed
a nationally representative survey of 1,007 adults aged 18+ in Scotland
between 7-9 June, 2010. The poll was commissioned by the Scottish Catholic
Media Office.   Where figures do not add up to 100% this may be due to
rounding, where respondents could give more than one answer or where some
respondents answered Don t know or refused . For more information of ORB

2.         Question: As you may know, the Pope is due to visit Scotland in
September of this year. How much do you favour or object to the visit?

Very or fairly favourable                                     31%

Neither for nor against                                           63%

Object                                                                                           3%

Strongly object                                                                   2%

Don t know                                                                               1%

Refused                                                                                             *

3.         Question: Irrespective of whether you go to church, do you regard
yourself as a Christian?

Yes, I regard myself as a Christian                           70%

I do not regard myself as a Christian                     26%

I am a member of a non-Christian religion,
so I do not regard myself as a Christian               2%

Don t know                                                                                                 2%

Refused                                                                                                             *  

4.         Question: Apart from weddings, funerals and christenings, about how
often do you attend religious services these days?

Once a week or more                   20%

Once a month or more               26%

Less often                                                   28%

Never                                                               33%

Don t know                                                     *

Refused                                                               *  

5.         For previous threats by Protest the Pope;

6.         Revised website of Protest the Pope now containing no plans for
Scottish protests;

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