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science and religion intertwined writes Bishop Keenan

Posted by SCMO on 12th May 2015 in Christianity | science, religion, Bishop John Keenan,

science and religion intertwined writes Bishop Keenan. Writing in today s Scotsman (12 May 2015) Bishop John Keenan, the Bishop of Paisley describes the Catholic Church and the science as "conjoined twins in the advancement of knowledge Dogmatic certainties are as likely to be found in both science as they are in religion writes Bishop Keenan, but rather than competing, science and religion should complement one another. Bishop Keenan claims that no one should feel "compelled to make a choice between science or religion, presuming that aligning ourselves with one entails rejecting the other. Adding "finding the really important truths of existence needs both...

Cardinal O'Brien & Bishop Tartaglia continue opposition to HFEA Bill

Posted by SCMO on 10th April 2008 in Christianity |

... “ that science and society will be harmed by placing limits on what scientists can investigate.        As Maureen L. Condic, associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah School of Medicine wrote in a recent study on stem cell research, Yet science, like all human endeavours, must operate within the constraints of ethical values. Surely no one seriously believes that freedom of scientific enquiry should trump all other considerations. Good science does not demand that all avenues of enquiry be pursued.        The Professor then referred to the US Public Health Service Tuskegee experiments on African American men with sy...

The Saltire / Herald annual debate

Posted by SCMO on 16th May 2003 in Christianity |

...g design, science, film and overall contribution to Scottish life. Ends.   Prepared for The Saltire Society by Jan Rutherford Publicity & The Printed Word Tel: 0131 337 9724Fax: 0131 623 1244Email: Who are the speakers? Harry Reid ­ Chairing the panel Journalist and writer Born in Glasgow, brought up in Aberdeen, graduated from Oxford University (BA Hons). One of the UK's finest journalists. Career. The Scotsman 1969-1981 (Features Editor, 1977-1981) Sunday Standard (Sports Editor, 1981-1982) The Herald (Executive Editor, 1982-1984) (Deputy Editor, 1984-1997) (Editor, 1997 -2000) Current Chairman, Scottish Edito...

Embryology Bill "attack on unborn human life" claims Bishop Tartaglia

Posted by SCMO on 24th January 2008 in Christianity |

...Monday 21 January 2008In a strongly worded homily preached yesterday at St Mirin's Cathedral inpaisley, Bishop Philip Tartaglia described the current " Human Fertilisationand Embryology Bill" as a " state-sponsored attack on unborn human life".The Bishops' homily coincided with the distribution of a national pastoralletter from all Scotland's Bishops to the Catholic community warning of thedangers of the legislation: move to allow the creation of human-animal embryos is described byArchbishop Tartaglia as a " twisted enterprise" and he repeats the cal that MP'sshould "be able to vote according to their consciences"...

Cardinal responds to embryology critics

Posted by SCMO on 23rd March 2008 in Christianity |

...ter of conscience, there is no doubt in my mind that this Bill is one on which all MP s should have a free vote. Since the Government have previously allowed free votes on issues such as fox hunting and the docking of dog s tails, I am amazed anyone would suggest otherwise.On the question of justification for the use of stem cells taken from human embryos I think it is high time we deployed a great deal more rigour when listening to the hype-filled claims of those who experiment upon and destroy human life at its most defenseless.Claim after claim that such research might , could or may lead to treatments for many diseases have been made for almost a decade...

St. Andrew's Conference

Posted by SCMO on 30th November 2012 in Christianity |

...sophy and science, a defence from reason before any appeal to Revelation.        Second, the crucified Christ and his teachings have to be at the centre of all our catechetical and religious formation work with the young.   Crucifixion Christianity is essential if we are to speak to those who are suffering and those who acutely feel the need for redemption.   The fruits of the resurrection are many times not felt or not observed in day-to-day life.   At the time of the Reformation it was unnecessary to state this, because Christ was central for all the contending parties.   This is not our situation within or outside the Church.   Therefore as an archb...
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